The History of Ferrari According to Hot Wheels
by Doug Breithaupt

Few toy car makers have directly associated themselves with a single automotive marque as has Hot Wheels with Ferrari. With the addition of the 2003 Enzo Ferrari, 17 different production models have been produced in the past 25 years. Along with these images, the model and date produced by Hot Wheels is shown.

250TR 'Testarossa' (1990)

308GTS (former Corgi casting)

348tb (1990)

355 Berlinetta (1995)

550 Maranello (1999)

360 Modena (1999)

365GTB/4 'Daytona' (1999)

Testarossa (1986)

512M (1997)

355 Spider (1999)

F50 Berlinetta (1999)

Since 1977, Hot Wheels and Ferrari have established an amazing record of 17 production models, rendered in small-scale. All have appeared at some time in red as shown here. In 1999 alone for the 2000 line, seven Ferrari models were offered by Hot Wheels. Additional racing and concept Ferrari models have been produced by Hot Wheels but the production models have been the primary focus for the past 25 years. The newest addition is the Enzo Ferrari of 2002, just released for the 2003 line. The Ferrari/Hot Wheels story will likely as both companies have benefited greatly from the association.

308GTB (1977)

F40 (1988)

456M (1999)

355 Challenge (1999)

F50 Spider (1996)

Enzo (2002)

We can certainly hope that this story continues. The recent inclusion of the 365 GTB/4 'Daytona' of 1970 give hope that more classic Ferrari models will be done in future. Perhaps we can see a few more early models from the 1950's like the California Spider. The 250GTO, 275GTB, Dino 246GT and 512 Berlinetta Boxer. More vintage racing Ferrari models like the great P4 and 156 F1 would also be welcome. A personal request for the 1975 Dino 308GT/4 is a long-shot but it never hurts to try.