SUGGESTIONS IN 1:64 - "Potential and Rekindle"
By Daniel Vasquez Burke

Many die cast manufacturers trend to reproduce the designs from already successful car brands, but sometimes when they launch the reproduction of some new name, not so successful but potentially competitive, they get some good points and a real collectable item. On the other hand when manufacturers reproduce vintage models, they help to remind us of real good pieces of history and provide some happiness to important groups of thematic collectors and restoration dreamers.

In this opportunity I decide to show two German cars as desirable pieces to include in our 1:64 scale collections.

The first car will make us think about contemporary ideas and futuristic vision. The design is from the Daimler Chrysler Corporation that hit at the 1999 Frankfurt Auto Show, the Smart Roadster Concept. After the sparkles the car got from the people, they decide to take it into production and sell this sport alternative to the young people that sympathize with the "Smart" Cars. I find it really interesting the bi-color treatment in the body of the car, and the "techie" image that tends to slip out from the "retro" fever of many car companies. Probably Matchbox will take the chance again with the Smart name and will complete the first Smart family in their line. Siku may be, will do the same, and AUTOart and even TOMICA must consider this model.

The second German car that I would like to see in 1:64, grew in the design studio of Luigi Segre at the Carozzeria Ghia Styling house in Turin Italy, the Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. In this particular occasion I make the rendering of a 1965 Ghia with the European type bumpers, and a little custom touch, inspired by the images from Californian VW customs. As far as I know, Siku was the only company that produced a replica of this model, and even so it was the Ghia type III many years ago. After that it seems that no one else thought about this car. This could be a very nice sample that Hot Wheels could introduce on their line of the 2004 First Editions to make a very good complement to the "Meyers Manx" from the current 2003 First Editions. If not Hot Wheels, then Matchbox could include it as well. Other candidates could be Maisto and Johnny Lightning.

Finally two questions: If the Smart Roadster is as fast as they look, could it be a good idea to call it the Jet Smart?. Could you imagine how happy the collectors will be to see a Karmann Ghia in a blister pack?.

Editor's Note: Daniel provided these wonderful illustrations to show exactly what he is proposing. Great job! By the way, the 'Get Smart' TV show of the 1960's featured a VW Karmann Ghia Cabriolet.

1999 Smart Roadster

1965 VW Karmann Ghia