Little Yellow Lamborghini
by Doug Breithaupt

Some cars just seem to look good in certain colors. It's hard to say why yellow has become the color of choice for Lamborghini but perhaps Matchbox is the cause. The first Lamborghini model to appear in small-scale was the Matchbox Lamborghini Miura. The original color for this model was yellow. While few had the pleasure of seeing a real Miura on the street, thousands of children came to know the first Italian 'supercar' through the little yellow Miura by Matchbox. Toy Lamborghini cars that have followed the Matchbox Miura have often been done in yellow as well. The Countach concept of 1973 by Matchbox appeared in yellow as did the later production car. Later Countach and Diablo models have all have a variety of yellow paint variations. The new Murcilago has just started to appear with AUTOart and Maisto first to offer this model in small-scale, with Maisto choosing yellow for their initial offering.

Only Siku's Espada and Playart's Silhouette have

Miura by Matchbox

Miura SV by Yat Ming

Marzel concept by Yat Ming

Countach concept by Matchbox

Countach by Matchbox

Countach by Maisto

Countach by Hot Wheels

Diablo by Hot Wheels

Diablo by Maisto

Diablo by Matchbox

Diablo by Welly

Diablo by Majorette

Diablo by Zylmex/Motor Max

Diablo by Road Champs

Murcilago by Maisto