One big one - thousands of little ones
By Doug Breithaupt

The most beautiful concept cars are admired for their leading style, technology and promise of things to come. While some concept cars do make a direct progression to actual production, most remain one-of-a-kind dream cars. While only one example of a concept car may be made in 1:1 scale, toy car makers have long realized that these same models can reach production in the thousands when they are offered in 1:64 scale.

BMW Turbo - Schuco/REI

Mercedes-Benz C111 - Ertl

Audi Avus Quattro - Matchbox

Jaguar XJ13 - Hot Wheels

BMC 1800 Pininfarina - Matchbox

Jaguar XK180 - Welly

Alfa Romeo Giulia Canguro - Penny (Polistil)

Ferrari Dino 206 - Penny (Polistil)

Lamborghini Marzal - Matchbox

Lincoln Futura - Johnny Lightning

Dodge Charger Mk. III - Matchbox

Chrysler Atlantic - Matchbox

Citroen GS Camargue - Majorette

Peugeot Quaser - Matchbox

Peugeot RC - Norev

Mazda RX500 - Tomica

Mitsubishi X2S - Zylmex

Nissan Mid-4 - Tomica