40 Years of Little Lamborghinis
By Doug Breithaupt

As Ferruccio Lamborghini told the story, Enzo Ferrari refused to listen to the complaints of a tractor-maker who was un-happy with his new Ferrari and offered some suggestions for improvements. El Commendatore is said to have remarked that Ferruccio Lamborghini should stick to tractors. While some close to Lamborghini doubt that this story actually happened, it makes for great automotive lore. Regardless, Lamborghini had another idea and in 1963 he offered his answer to Ferrari with a new sports car bearing the Lamborghini name. Forty years later Ferrari is still on top of the sports car mountain but Lamborghini is still around too. Now owned by Volkswagen, Lamborghini has just introduced two new models and with VW's deep pockets may be in the best position yet to challenge Ferrari.

Toy car makers first noticed Lamborghini with the arrival of the amazing Miura P400 of 1966. Matchbox did the first example and others followed. Since then, little Lamborghinis in small-scale have continued to arrive. The Countach alone has over a dozen different versions. The Murcilago is the latest to be offered in 1:64 scale. One-of-a-kind examples like Siku's Espada, Tomica's LM002 or Playart's Silhouette are especially fun to find. There are more Lamborghini models from Summer and other small companies that I am missing but here are 35 examples to enjoy. Happy 40th birthday Lamborghini!

Miura P 400 - Matchbox

Miura P 400 - Playart

Miura P 400 SV - Tomica

Miura P 400 - Hot Wheels

Miura P 400 - Road Champs

Miura P 400 SV - Yat Ming

Jota - Yat Ming

Marzal concept - Matchbox

Marzal concept - Playart

Marzal concept - Yat Ming

Espada - Siku

Silhouette - Playart

Countach LP 500 concept - Matchbox

Countach LP 400 - Tomica

Countach LP 400 - Welly

Countach LP 400- Playart

Countach LP 400 - Zylmex

Countach LP 400 S - Mini-Lindy

Countach LP 400 S - Majorette

Countach LP 400 S - Majorette

Countach LP 5000 S - Matchbox (Premier Edition)

Countach LP 5000 S - Maisto

Countach LP 5000 S - Hot Wheels

Countach 25th Annv. Ed. - Majorette (Deluxe Edition)

Countach 25th Annv. Ed. - Hot Wheels

Diablo - Majorette

Diablo VT - Matchbox (Premier Edition)

Diablo - Maisto

Diablo - Road Champs

Diablo - Hot Wheels

Diablo - Motor Max

LM002 - Tomica

Murcilago - AUTOart

Murcilago - Maisto

Murcilago - Hot Wheels

NOTE: It has been a challenge to identify specific model variations within the production models of the Miura, Countach and Diablo. Toy car makers often combine different elements from different years into one model. I have simply made my best guess based on the most visible styling changes. For example the original Countach LP 400 did not have extended fender flares. My reference for these decisions has been Lamborghini - Supercar Supreme by the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide, copyright 1994.