Miniature McLaren F1 proves hard to find
By Raed Ammari

The McLaren took the world by surprise when it was introduced almost 10 years ago. With top speed of 240 mph (ok claimed, but it did 231) it is untouchable until now.

A work of art, the McLaren was designed by Gordon Murry and his team. Teaming up with BMW was worth it, 630 hp V12, and no expense was spared to build it. No wonder it was sold for only $1,000,000!

Being a super car it was natural for toy companies to produce the McLaren in every form from RC cars to scale models. I am surprised however that not very many choices are available is 1:64 scale.

The first cars I found were made by Pioneer, a new maker on the right path to being well recognized by collectors in the near future for their unique offerings (they just introduced the new Porsche GT super car but this will be in other story).The detail on the F1 is very well done including small details like the front head lights , the only thing I do not like is the wheels. They are a basic, thin, cheap Chinese production wheels.

Those wheels are why I took my own action (like before) and started doing my own road versions. I did a very nice blue GTR road car.

The other cars I have are the Microchamps, made in Germany by PAUL'S MODEL ART. They are a very limited and very expensive (but worth it) if you can find one. The details are just the best, and yes, it has the wheels I like. It does not however, have the front glass/plastic-head lights like the $1 Pioneer! I hope toy companies will do more of this phenomenal car in 1:64 scale.