Marque Milestones - Fantasy Five-Packs - Saab and Volvo
by Doug Breithaupt

Welcome to Marque Milestones - fantasy five-packs, a new series for TofTC. The idea is to select five examples for each automotive marque that would make up a fantasy five-pack. When possible, an effort will be made to color coordinate the five cars but with smaller marques, this will not be easy. Models will be selected based on their historical significance and the quality of the castings available. Clearly these will be subjective choices and limited to models in my collection. If you have an idea for a different five-pack, please send your suggestions via e-mail. We will start with the two Swedish automakers of Saab and Volvo. Both marques have been seriously neglected in small-scale with Saab only completing five different models courtesy of the recent Hongwell castings.


Sonnett III - Matchbox
Saab Sonnett III
The Sonnett III by Matchbox was one of the first Saabs to be done in 1:64 scale. Yat Ming also produced this car.
Volvo P1800S
Impy's sporty Volvo preceded the Corgi version and represents one of the best-loved models from this marque.

P1800S - Road Master Impy

900 Turbo - Majorette
Saab 900 Turbo
Majorette did this excellent casting of one of the best-known Saab models. This fast four-door gave Saab a whole new image.
Volvo 245 DL
Volvo Wagons seem to last forever and Majorette's fine model looks great. Corgi also did this car but not quite as well.

245 DL Wagon - Majorette

9000 - Siku
Saab 9000 Sedan
Siku produced the next generation 9000 with the quality their name represents. Matchbox also did this model in turbo form.
Volvo 760 GLC
Quite a few models of the 760 were done and Corgi produced this example. These cars were a strong seller for Volvo in the 1980's.

760 GLC - Corgi Junior

9-5 - Hongwell
Saab 9-5
Hongwell's 1:72 scale models are superior in detail to many. They have also offered models like Saab and Volvo that are seldom seen in this scale.
Volvo 480 ES
These sporty Dutch-made Volvo models were not offered in the U.S. This is a shame but at least Matchbox made an example to enjoy.

480 ES - Matchbox

9-3 - Hongwell
Saab 9-3
The sportier 9-3 by Hongwell is another example of how good these castings are. The partially open windows are a very nice touch.
Volvo C70 Coupe
Hongwell again offers a new Volvo model. They also offer a convertible and wagon for collectors. This handsome car deserves more examples.

C70 Coupe - Hongwell