1979-2003 : a review of Paris-Dakar rally-raid winners in miniature
by François Rivierre, images by Doug Breithaupt and François Rivierre

Paris-Dakar is a race that has fascinated me since I was a little boy. Living in France, I have had the chance to have a good media report of the race, and seeing these fabulous cars (and drivers) in action in the dramatic landscape of Africa is always a great pleasure for me.

Unfortunately, even in France, it's very hard to find models of the winning cars. Through years, I've found some of them, and I've sometimes added to my collection the civilian versions of the cars. It is a shame that more of the winning cars have not been reproduced in 1:64 scale. I especially wish someone would do the Jean Louis Schlesser cars. They are very beautiful, but as they exclusively run in raids, there are no civilian version. Bburago has done a nice 1:24 scale model and now that they will also produce 1:64 scale, perhaps this car will be done.

If anyone can suggest other models to represent the winning cars, please send an e-mail to ToTC

Year Title Drivers Cars


1979 Paris-Dakar Genestier/Terbiant/Lemordant - FRA Range Rover Placings were both for bikes and cars. The first car was only 4th overall.
1980 Paris-Dakar Kottulinsky/Luffelman  - SWE Volkswagen Iltis The first car was 3rd overall.
1981 Paris-Dakar Metge/Giroux - FRA
Range Rover (Hot Wheels)
There were now separate placings for cars and bikes. This Range Rover is a bit newer model but is the only version to date in racing colors.
1982 Paris-Alger-Dakar Marreau/Marreau - FRA Renault 20 4x4 Turbo
1983 Paris-Alger-Dakar Ickx/Brasseur - BEL/FRA
Mercedes 280 GE (Siku)
Jacky Ickx is the only one who won both Le Mans and Paris-Dakar! Claude Brasseur is a well known, French actor. The G-Wagon by Siku was not produced in racing trim.
1984 Paris-Alger-Dakar Metge/Lemoine - FRA
Porsche 911 Turbo 4x4 (Darda)
Darda actually has 'Paris-Dakar' tampos on this model and clearly wished to take advantage of the publicity generated by the 911 victory. Colors are wrong and it should not be a targa model.
1985 Paris-Alger-Dakar Zaniroli/Da Silva - FRA
Mitsubishi Pajero (Tomica)
This was the first victory by Mitsubishi. Tomica's Pajero is clearly the civilian version
1986 Paris-Alger-Dakar Metge/Lemoine - FRA
Porsche 959 (Hot Wheels)
Thierry Sabine, the creator of the raid, died in an helicopter crash. The Hot Wheels Porsche 959 is one of the few to be offered in racing trim.
1987 Paris-Alger-Dakar Vatanen/Giroux - FIN/FRA
Peugeot 205T16 Grand Raid (Matchbox)
This is the beginning of a Peugeot's record run. They won all the races they entered in rally-raids. Ari Vatanen was the rally world champion of 1981. Matchbox offered the 205T16 in several different colors but this is the most authentic.
1988 Paris-Alger-Dakar Kankkunen/Piironen - FIN
Peugeot 205T16 Grand Raid (Hot Wheels)
Juha Kankkunen was the world rally champion of 1986. Hot Wheels did the same 205T16 and in the same racing colors as Matchbox.
1989 Paris-Tunis-Dakar Vatanen/Berglund - FIN/SWE
Peugeot 405T16 Grand Raid (Majorette)
The Majorette 405T16 is a close match for the real race car. Pioneer was the primary sponsor
1990 Paris-Tripoli-Dakar Vatanen/Berglund - FIN/SWE
Peugeot 405T16 Grand Raid (Maisto)
Majorette also did the 1990 car. Early examples such as this one have the 'Camel' name on the car while later versions do not.
1991 Paris-Tripoli-Dakar Vatanen/Berglund - FIN/SWE Citroen ZX Rallye-Raid The car is built on the basis of the Peugeot 405T16 Grand Raid.
1992 Paris-Sirte-Le Cap Auriol/Monnet - FRA
Mitsubishi Pajero (Real Toy)
Hubert Auriol is still the only one who won both with bike and car. Philippe Monnet is a great marine navigator. Real Toy's Pajero is also a civilian version but nicely done.
1993 Paris-Dakar Saby/Series - FRA Mitsubishi Pajero
1994 Paris-Dakar-Paris Lartigue/Perin - FRA Citroen ZX Rallye-Raid Evolution This is the first big evolution of the ZX. Set up and reliability were a challenge to get right, but after that, it was the most successfull car of the series.
1995 Granada-Dakar Lartigue/Perin - FRA Citroen ZX Rallye-Raid Evolution
1996 Granada-Dakar Lartigue/Perin - FRA Citroen ZX Rallye-Raid Evolution The last Citroen developed for raids was almost a totally new car.
1997 Dakar-Agades-Dakar Shinozuka/Magne - JAP/FRA Misubishi Pajero Kenjiro Shinozuka was the first Japanese driver to win the race.
1998 Paris-Granada-Dakar Fontenay/Picard - FRA Mitsubishi Pajero
1999 Granada-Dakar Schlesser/Magne - FRA Schlesser-Renault Jean-Louis Schlesser was the World Sports Car champion of 1991.
2000 Paris-Dakar-Cairo Schlesser/Magne - FRA Schlesser-Renault
2001 Paris-Dakar Kleinschmidt/Schulz - D
Mitsubishi Pajero (Majorette)
Jutta Kleinschmidt was the first woman to win the Dakar. Majorette's Pajero is another close match for the real racer. It is in the same colors as the actual 2001 winner.
2002 Arras-Madrid-Dakar Masuoka/Maimon - JAP/FRA Mitsubishi Pajero
2003 Dakar Masuoka/Schulz - JAP/D Mitsubishi Pajero