Marque Milestones - Fantasy Five-Packs - Aston Martin and MG
by Doug Breithaupt

This is the second month for Fantasy Five-Packs and two British marques are featured. What could be more British than Aston Martin and MG? If you have an idea for a different five-pack, please send your suggestions via e-mail.



DB2 - Matchbox
Aston Martin DB2
This early Matchbox model shows the origin of classic AM lines. No windows or interior were standard for this era of toy car.
The TF was a bit more refined than the TD and Migetoy has done the only small-scale example. This one looks nice in British green.

MGTF - Migetoy

DB5 - Johnny Lightning
Aston Martin DB5
Where would AM be without James Bond? The DB5 was finally done right by Johnny Lightning, elegant and sophisticated
Even with silly Coke tampos, this Matchbox MGA is the best yet. Too bad it has not appeared in the regular line. JL did one too.

MGA - Matchbox

DBS - Corgi
Aston Martin DBS
This Corgi favorite even looks good in lime. The body style lasted over 20 years. The dohc six became a V8 later to add more muscle.
MG 1100
The 1100 was an up-market versin of the Mini. This classic Matchboc comes with 'Old Shep' in the back seat, so very British.

1100 - Matchbox

DB7 - Matchbox
Aston Martin DB7
The Jaguar 'F' type became AM's flag-ship for the 1990's as the DB7. Matchbox and Majorette did examples. The DB7 represented a new chapter for AM.
Hongwell has captured the look of the early MGB, complete with a luggage rack on the boot. Produced for over 15 years, the MGB still looks dashing.

MGB - Hongwell

Vanquish - Johnny Lightning
Aston Martin Vanquish
Bond is back in an AM and this one is equal to the task. V12 power, stunning looks and JL has given us a great model of this car.
With a mid-engine and considerable Asian help, the MGF marked the return of MG to regular production. Matchbox is the only one to do this car..

MGF - Matchbox