IROC Cars in Miniature
by Doug Breithaupt

1998 IROC Pontiac Firebird - Action

1990 Dodge Daytona - Matchbox

1985 IROC Chevrolet Camaro - Matchbox

1975 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

1974 Porsche 911 RS - Corgi

1998 IROC Pontiac Firebird - Hot Wheels

The International Race of Champions will celebrate 30 years in 2004. In that period, six different car/body styles have been represented in the series. Five of those cars have been done in 1:64 scale with some actually featuring IROC graphics.

The current model is the Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am. With that model now ending production, a replacement will be required. While many models of the last generation Firebird have been done in small-scale, two are actually available in IROC colors. Hot Wheels did a nice model in their regular range. Action has also done this car in several colors.

The 1994-95 - Dodge Avenger is the one missing model. I have not seen it in 1:64 scale.

The 1990-93 - Dodge Daytona was done by Matchbox and by Tootsietoy. The Matchbox model is quite good and includes an opening hood. I do not recall ever seeing it in IROC colors but the casting is a close match for the actual race car.

Many examples of the 1984-89 - Chevrolet Camaro have been done and Matchbox actually did several in IROC colors. This model also features an opening hood. Matchbox even put the racer names on these cars.

From 1981 to 1983, the IROC race was suspended. The previous generation 1975-80 - Chevrolet Camaro served as the second IROC car of choice. Again, many examples of this generation Camaro are available in 1:64 scale. One however stands out as a very close match to the IROC cars. Zylmex offered a casting of the Camaro that included the distinctive from air-dam and rear spoiler seen on the actual racers. Unfortunately, they never produced this model in IROC colors. This casting is still in production, now offered by Motor Max. Motor Max should arrange to do an IROC version but it is unlikely that they are even aware of the connection.

The first year for IROC was 1974 and for that year only, they used the amazing Porsche 911 RSR. While for some odd reason, no one has done an actual 911 RSR model in small-scale, Corgi did come close with their 1973 911 Carrera RS model. This model has been produced for 30 years as well and is now being retired as a Hot Wheel for the 2004 year. The final run series for this model will feature racing graphics and looks like a nice version to add to conclude the long production life of this toy car.

1996-present - Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am