Volume VI, Number 12

Ferrari vs. Porsche in the Supercar Sweepstakes
by Doug Breithaupt, images by Mike Mercado

Ferrari and Porsche share many common links as the world's best-known sports car manufacturers. Both began regular production of their cars following WWII and came from nations defeated in that war. Both focused on sports cars and have primarily retained that image. Both focused on racing as a way to build and maintain their sporting image. Without question, both Ferrari and Porsche have created some of the most impressive road cars ever offered to the general public.

Ferrari and Porsche have watched each other closely and when one offers a model targeted at a specific segment of the sports car market, the other is likely to be right behind. Toy car makers have been almost as quick to offer these supercars from Ferrari and Porsche.

In the late 1950's, the Ferraro 250 Testarossa and the Porsche 550A Spider were the supercars of their day. Both were ready for road or track and used as such. Hot Wheels is the only producer of the Ferrari 250 TR while Maisto, and Hongwell have done the Porsche 550A Spider.

Ferrari 250 Testarossa - Hot Wheels

Porsche 550A Spyder - Maisto
Porsche did not really build another road-going supercar until the early 1970's. The 911 Carrera RS was a direct challenge to cars like the Ferrari 365 GT/BB for top sports car honors. The 911 Carrera RS is represented by models from Hot Wheels and Corgi. The 365 GT/BB and the BB512 Boxer that followed have been done by Tomica, Playart, Yat Ming, Welly and Zylmex.

Ferrari 512 BB - Tomica

Porsche 911 Carrera RS - Hot Wheels (Corgi)
In the early 1980's, Ferrari produced the 288 GTO and Porsche offered the 911 (930) Turbo. Both cars were again seen on the road and track. Many Porsche 911 Turbo models have been done with the best by Majorette, Tomica, Hot Wheels, Siku, Racing Champions and Johnny Lightning. The Ferrari 288 GTO has been done by Majorette and Siku.

Ferrari 288 GTO - Siku

Porsche 911 Turbo (930) - Majorette

In 1986, Porsche threw down the gauntlet with the amazing 959 model. For their 40th Anniversary, Ferrari followed with the equally amazing F40. Each car became an instant sports car icon and are still considered as the fathers of the 'super-exotic' category in the supercar sweepstakes. Plenty of toy car examples of each continue to be offered with my favorite 959 models coming from Tomica, Siku, Matchbox, Maisto and Motor Max. The best F40 models come from Majorette, Matchbox, Maisto and Hot Wheels.

Ferrari F40 - Matchbox

Porsche 959 - Maisto

In 1998, Porsche won Le Mans with the beautiful 911 GT1 and a few of these super-exotics were produced for road use as well. For their 50th Anniversary, Ferrari had to have a car equally exotic and the F50 was the result. The F50 is available from Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Maisto, Majorette and Yat Ming. The 911 GT1 is offered in street form from Matchbox and Tiger Wheels.

Ferrari F50 - Matchbox

Porsche 911 GT1 - Tiger Wheels

Ferrari did not wait long for their next super-exotic, producing the Enzo in 2003. Porsche is offering their response in the Carrera GT, beginning 2004. Single examples of both cars are available with the Enzo from Hot Wheels and the first Carrera GT from an unlikely source, Pioneer. More examples of the Carrera GT are sure to come. (Pioneer model sent by Mike Mercado)

Ferrari Enzo - Hot Wheels

Porsche Carrera GT - Pioneer