Volume VII, Number 2

A Break is Tradition for Renault
By Doug Breithaupt

Renault has a long history of producing family wagons or 'break' models as they are often called in France. The work 'brake' most likely comes from the English use of the term 'shooting break' for early wagons. Unlike many American auto-makers, Renault has not abandoned the wagon in favor of four-wheeled behemoths that pretend to embrace sport or utility. Perhaps the words sensible and French are not as rare a combination as some would suggest.

Early Majorette models are often harder to find than their Matchbox or Husky/Corgi counterparts. The Majorette Renault 16 shown here provides a classic French look and represents one of the most popular Renault models of the 1960's. A trailer hook is ready for the caravan and an August holiday to the southern beaches. My personal favorite is the Renault 12 Break by Buby of Argentina. The casting is excellent and the colors are perfect. This Break for the 1970's includes a roof-rack, opening tail-gate and the required trailer-hook. Guisval of Spain did the Renault 21 Nevada Break of the 1980's. Most Guisval models of this period were lathered with racing graphics, regardless of the model. A more unlikely racing machine would be a challenge to find. The doors open but the trailer-hook was not included. With Norev's lovely new Renault Laguna Break, the trailer-hook is back! The rear hatch opens and just look at those great chrome wheels. Can't you feel the sun of the Côte d'Azur?

Renault 16 - Majorette

Renault 21 Nevada Break - Guisval

Renault 12 Break - Buby

Renault Laguna Break - Norev