Volume VII, Number 2

by Dave Weber and Christian Falkensteiner Images by Doug Breithaupt

This section is small. Surprisingly, there are not very many marques beginning with the letter "E" in small scale. A continuing problem is to insure that all marques are recognized that are represented in the smaller scales. Years ago older toy manufacturers produced models of antique cars. Some of these toys/ models were peculiar only to the area of the world where they were produced. Thus the availability of information on these replicas is lacking at times.

EDSEL (US) 1958-1960

This car was designed to fit into the lower class hierarchy of the Lincoln-Mercury Division of Ford Motor Co. It was supposed to fill a suspected consumer gap between the existing Ford and Mercury marques. Marketing research had incorrectly indicated that a gap did exist when in actuality it was discovered later to be nonexistent. The car used the Mercury sheet metal but featured a distinctive horse collar vertical grille. Production ceased as the third design year began due to lack of sales. These latter bodies used Ford sheet metal with only slightly different grille work and tail lighting. Models have been made by Racing Champions (Mint Editions) in zamac and by Siku, Roco and Anguplas in plastic.

EMW (GDR) 1949-1955

When Germany was split after WW II, the BMW car factory at Eisenach found itself located in the eastern part. While the BMW company had to start its car operations from scratch in Bavaria, this factory was nationalized. At first it continued to use the BMW brand name for its products, but when this practice was forbidden, the name was changed to EMW. Nevertheless the cars produced remained based on pre-war BMW designs, until they were replaced by the new Wartburg which had been developed from a DKW design and used a two-stroke engine.

The only small-scale EMW models known are produced by the small German company Kehi, which is located in Eisenach as well. Several different variations of the EMW 340 are made of pewter in 1/87 scale.

ESSEX (US) 1919-1932

This low priced car was introduced by Hudson Motor Car Co. They desired to produce a companion lower cost marque. This attempt to increase company sales was successful and boosted Hudson to a rank of third in the US in 1929. The marque also was popular in the UK. It was replaced by the Terraplane in 1933. Only one known small scale model is known to have been produced. It is a promotional by Ertl of a "bank car" that was used in 1919 to haul checks from one branch to another. The trunk area on the full size car had been removed and replaced by an open box. Perhaps this was one of the first sedan pickup trucks.

EXCALIBUR SS (US) 1964-1992

Introduced by famed designer Brooks Stevens, this car was intended to resemble the Mercedes- Benz SSK from the late 1930s. But it was assembled with up to date US parts. The first engines were supercharged Studebakers. Later these were replaced by Corvette V8s. The company began experiencing financial difficulties in 1985. These were defined as "low performance for high price". In 1987 the company under new ownership still was unable to make a profit from their low production and its demise subsequently followed. Models of this limited production car have been made by Majorette and Ertl. A transformer model was also produced by Bandai of Japan.