Volume VII, Number 4

The Honda NSX in Miniature
by Doug Breithaupt

For 14 years, the Honda NSX has carried the flag as Japan's premier supercar. When it was introduced, the NSX showed that exotic mid-engine cars could also be trouble-free and very user-friendly. A modest re-style has changed little on the NSX and Honda is finally preparing an all-new model for production.

Small-scale NSX models were slow to arrive. Novacar of Portugal and Tomica were the first to offer examples. The plastic-bodied Novacar model appeared as a cartoon-carrying Majorette model, still in plastic. It then was done in diecast as a Majorette and continues in the line today. Tomica did the production car first followed by a police version. The roof has always looked too high on this casting. A more recent Tomica is labeled as an NSX-R but is little different from the original casting. In 2003, Racing Champions packaged and re-released the Tomica casting in their 'Fast and Furious' line. Johnny Lightning did an NSX in 1996 but a licensing problem delayed release. Eight year later, it has been released with tuner graphics. The best tuner version is currently part of the Muscle machines line. Maisto has also done a tuner version. Motor Max has done the current NSX with uncovered headlights. This is an excellent casting, especially for less than $1.

The NSX-R is the racing version of Honda's supercar. Both Majorette and Motor Max have offered racing graphics on their NSX castings. The real NSX-R has had success at Le Mans and in other GT racing events. A more accurate NSX-R with racing graphics has been done by Tomica but is quite expensive and not yet in my collection..

Honda NSX (plastic body) - Novacar

Honda NSX (plastic body) - Majorette

Honda NSX - Majorette

Honda NSX - Tomica

Honda NSX Police - Tomica

Honda NSX - Tomica/Racing Champions

Honda NSX - Johnny Lightning

Honda NSX - Muscle Machines

Honda NSX - Maisto

Honda NSX (second generation) - Motor Max

Honda NSX-R - Majorette

Honda NSX-R - Motor Max

Honda NSX-R - Tomica