Volume VIII, Number 1

Kyosho Creates Dream Collections
by Doug Breithaupt

For the past several years, Kyosho has been increasing their offerings in 1:64 scale. Best known for their highly detailed larger scale models, Kyosho seems to have decided to compete with head-to-head with AUTOart, Tomica and new-comer Konami. While Kyosho's models do not feature opening parts, the detail is excellent and very correct to the real cars.




In 2003, Kyosho released a set of 21 Ferrari production cars as part of a promotion with Dydo Coffee of Japan. In 2004, 21 Ferrari F1 models were offered in a second Dydo series. These models came as kits and required assembly. They were very difficult to find and few collectors outside of Japan ever saw these models. For 2005, Kyosho is offering 10 of the 21 Ferrari models, in a variety of colors. In addition, eight new models of Lamborghini production cars are also being offered.

Availability of these models through online or retail sources should be much better than the Dydo series but specific sources cannot yet be confirmed. Prices may be a bit high for individual models, perhaps in the $9 range. Buying a complete set may be a way to save a bit per car. It can be expected that these models will appear on the secondary collector markets at even higher prices. Kyosho has over 30 more Ferrari castings that can be released and it is reasonable to expect that this will occur. With Ferrari and Lamborghini represented, perhaps we will see more Italian exotics. Maserati and Alfa Romeo would be very welcome and there are more Ferrari and Lamborghini models to be done as well.

Images courtesy of kyosho-models.com