Volume VIII, Number 1

How-to: Build a showroom
by Jan Clevering

Everyone wants a nice dealer showroom to display their cars. I've made a simple 'how-to', to build it quick and easy and it's usable for all brands of cars (Volkswagen, Renault etc.)
First you need to saw out to circles. One is about 40 CM across (16 inches I think), the other 45 CM (about 18 inches)

So, it should be something like this. Then you put them on top of each other, like the pictures shows, so they are both centered. Then you drill 10 or 12 holes. Here the pillars will come in. You should file them out square.


Then you need to make the pillars. I made them like this, so you have a kind of link between the bottom and top "floor". The square bulges are to stick them into the floors.

They should be about as high and wide as the height of the floors (8MM I presume). The height of without the square bulges is about 8 cm or about 3 inches. You can make it a little higher or lower, but they need to be the same of course.


You need to assemble it like this: (I am very bad at drawing in perspective, but I think you get the idea)

You now should paint it in the desired color. As last, you should add a plexiglass window. It should be 8CM high and 120 CM longer (3 inch by 48 inches) You can best cut it with a glass cutter, or with a Stanleyknife, by simply repetitive cutting. This should give the best results. At this time, I don't have a finished product, but it is better, so you can use your own imagination. Happy knocking together!