Volume VIII, Number 2

The Big Picture of Little Mercedes-Benz
By Doug Breithaupt

No, this is not a call for a 300SL in the corner pocket. The pool table in my toy room does double duty. Sure, the kids and I enjoy a game of eight ball but it is also a great spot for me to sort out toy cars. i keep my cars sorted by marque and by year and model within marque. Plano's 48 compartment plastic storage boxes keep everything sorted. Every so often these cases need to be re-sorted due to new models or cars pulled for stories. Recently, I re-sorted my Chevrolet models and shared some images on the MCCH Forum. The response was so good I decided to take more images when I do one of these sorts and share the images in TofTC.

What you see here is just about every Mercedes-Benz model in my collection. The far right-hand corner begins with pre-war Mercedes-Benz models. The earliest I have is the SSK of 1928 by Siku. Since that row was a short one, I also put the small number of commercial and 4x4 models at the other end of of the first row. The next row is all 300SL and 190SL models from the 1950's. Up at the other end are the newest MB models, including the Smart models.

I did not count how many models are represented here but you can. Let me know if you like these big pictures and we can look at some more.