Volume VIII, Number 3

Chrysler's cars not popular as toy cars
By Doug Breithaupt

While plenty of Plymouths, dozens of Dodges and a jumble of Jeeps can be found as small-scale toy cars, the models that carry the Chrysler name have always been less popular with toy car makers. Only recently with the absorption of the Plymouth PT Cruiser and Prowler models into the Chrysler line, has this situation improved. Some of these former models are marked as Plymouths and some as Chryslers. Only those not specifically identified as Plymouths are shown. Some of these like the Maisto versions have actual Chrysler badging tampoed on the models. Perhaps better times are on the way with the success of the new 300C and Crossfire models. Still, some interesting Chrysler models have appeared on occasion in the toy car aisles. The following is a summary of some of these models. Imperial models are not included as from 1955-75, they were separate from Chrysler.

Several Chrysler concept cars are also shown. The Atlantic was a beautiful neo-classic coupe that should have been built. The Thunderbolt was far less handsome. The Howler and Pronto concepts are more Plymouth left-overs and the use of the Chrysler name may be more a licensing issue. The Maisto Pronto Cruiser is labeled a Plymouth but Hot Wheels only indicates Chrysler. Years from now, this is likely to be confusing for collectors.

Included are several examples of international models to carry the Chrysler name. In the 1960's, Chrysler bought into the French auto industry. The Simca and Talbot names were later badged as Chrysler models. Majorette, Norev, Pilen and others have produced some of these models. With more classic Australian cars now being produced by Biante and others, Chrysler products from Down-Under are being offered in small-scale. Unfortunately, I have yet to add any to my collection.

1955 C300 - Johnny Lightning

1955 C300 (Petty) - Racing Champions

1956 300B - Team Caliber

1956 300B - Maisto

1957 300C - Ertl

1985 LeBaron Convertible - Road Champs

1997 Sebring Convertible - Maisto

2005 300C - Maisto

Thunderbolt Concept - Hot Wheels

Crossfire - Racing Champions

Crossfire - Jada

Crossfire - Motor Max

Atlantic Concept - Matchbox

Atlantic Concept - Maisto

Atlantic Concept - Johnny Lightning

Chrysler Prowler - Johnny Lightning

Chrysler Howler Concept - Motor Max

Chrysler Pronto Concept - Hot Wheels

P.T. Cruiser - Motor Max

Panel Cruiser - Motor Max

Panel Cruiser - Matchbox

P.T. Cruiser - Maisto

G.T. Cruiser - Maisto

Panel Cruiser - Maisto

P.T. Cruiser Convertible - Johnny Lightning

P.T. Cruiser Convertible - Matchbox


Chrysler 180 - Majorette

Chrysler 150 - Pilen

Chrysler 150/Simca 1308 - Majorette