Volume VIII, Number 3

The Big Picture of Little Chevrolets
By Doug Breithaupt

Your comments were positive about last issue's big pictures of the Mercedes-Benz collection so this month we will look at Chevrolet. Unlike the Mercedes-Benz line-up, quite a few Chevies from my collection are not represented here. First, all the Corvettes and Camaro models are left out as each could fill the table on their own. Second, no race cars or trucks are included.

Three rows are all '57 Chevy models and I did include quite a few yellow taxi and police variations. The '64 Bel Air and '70 Chevelle are well represented. There are also more Monte Carlo models that have been recently produced. The oldest Chevy is by Kidco from 1937, the only pre-war example and the newest is the 2004 Monte Carlo by Johnny Lightning.

I did not count how many models are represented here but you can. Let me know if you like these big pictures and we can look at some more.