Volume VIII, Number 4

The Big Picture of Little Prancing Horses
By Doug Breithaupt

Our third 'big picture' subject may have you seeing red. While the favorite color for toy and full-size Ferrari models is red, there are many other colors that are popular. Yellow, black and silver seem to be next in popularity for the many Ferrari models shown here.

As a big fan of the cars of the Prancing Horse, I have attempted to add as many Ferrari models to my collection as I can find. While models from the 1950's and 196's are harder to find, the 1980's to present are well represented. Unfortunately, the recent exclusive license held by Mattel to produce small-scale diecast Ferrari models has limited the latest models to Hot Wheels. The most popular Ferrari models have been the 308, Testarossa and F40 with many examples from a wide variety of manufacturers. The 365/512 Berlinetta Boxer and F50 are also well represented. Ferrari sports racers and Formula 1 cars have also proved popular subjects for toy car makers and a nice variety exists.

The most impressive Ferrari collection from a single manufacturer has to be the recent series from Kyosho. This selection of over 40 street and F1 models is represented by just two examples in my collection so far, both F1 cars from the 1950's. I have every hope of adding the rest to my collection some day. Hot Wheels, Maisto and Matchbox have also provided a wide selection of Ferrari models over the years. Some of my favorite Ferrari models are the less common examples like the 308 GTB racer in green by Kees and the 250 LM racer, also in green, by Speedy (Mercury).

I did not count how many models are represented here but you can. Let me know if you like these big pictures and we can look at some more.