Volume VIII, Number 5

Miniature Golf is Popular in France
by Doug Breithaupt


If you were asked which toy car company has done the best job representing the history of the VW Golf would Majorette be your first answer? While it seem curious that a French company would be the only one to offer the most complete selection of Golf models to date, it is clearly the case. Not only has Majorette offered models of the Golf since it's introduction in the mid 1970's, these models have been very consistant in scale and features for the past 25 plus years. Comparison of the four models shows that all are very close in scale. All four also offer opening hatches and sport trailer hitches. One can see the progressive design of the Majorette trailer hitch with it's consistant plastic piece to keep the trailer secured to the hitch. While tyhese images do not show the detail of the inside of the hatch area, the series I and II models include an assortment of items moulded into the plastic floor. All four models have seperate headlights of metal or plastic and the series IV model includes painted tail-lights. The series I model is the only 4-door version of the Golf offered as the models that followed are all 2-door examples. Let's hope that Majorette continues to offer the Golf in their line as it would be a shame for this to end.

VW Golf series I

VW Golf series II

VW Golf series III

VW Golf series IV

Majorette is not the only French toy car company to offer an interesting VW Golf history lesson. Norev offered the Golf series I in their Mini-Jet line. Norev has just introduced the latest Golf series V in their current line of small-scale cars. The comparison of the two models is quite interesting. The first surprise is that both models are close to the same scale. The last of the original Mini-Jet models were done larger than the traditional 1:66 scale used by Norev. The Golf series I shown here looks to be around 1:60 scale, perhaps even larger. The new Golf V may be a bit bigger although it does not seem as large as 1:55 scale, the size of most of the new Norev castings. Both models are all diecast and of excellent quality. Clearly the older Mini-Jet is more toy-like and was produced in an era when adult collectors were far fewer than today. Still, if it sported more accurate wheels and tires along with some painted detail, it would be quite competitive with the newer model. Neither model has opening features. It is interesting to see the progression of the Golf design over the last several decades and these two Norev models allow for an excellent comparison. Norev is the first to offer the new series V Golf and they have set a high standard for others to meet. It is wonderful to see this company producing great little cars once again.