Volume VIII, Number 5

Hot Wheels - Then and Now
by Doug Breithaupt

Love them or hate them, it is impossible to overlook the way that Hot Wheels have dominated the toy car market for the past 37 years. To be fair, Hot Wheels have actually remained remarkably consistent in the nature and style of models produced over this period.

This point is best made with the images shown here. In 1968, the Mustang, Corvette and Cadillac Eldorado were favorites. In 2004-05, these same cars are represented in the current line of Hot Wheel models.

The 2005 Ford Mustang GT is clearly inspired by the 1967 Ford Mustang represented by HW's Custom Mustang (1992 re-issue shown). The 2004 Chevrolet Corvette and the 1968 Custom Corvette clearly share the same toy car DNA. Cadillac no longer builds an Eldorado but one look at the tail-lights on the Cadillac Cien concept car done recently by HW shows what it owes to the (1967) Custom Eldorado.

Sure, over the years, Hot Wheels has given us everything from racing toilets to alligators on wheels. They have also continued to give us current versions of exactly the same cars that we first fell in love with in 1968.