Volume VIII, Number 5

by Raed Ammari

Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR

Porsche 997

Toyota MR2

The last time I showed you a new line of cars made by Sohbi in the Far East. Now there is more but from a different company.

As I always like to go to the toy market and I like to pass by the wholesalers to have a sneak preview of what is new . This time I scored so well! I found a lot of cars (which I of course bought) in about 1:60, that is just charming regardless of some of the errors is design! Shown is the Ferrari Enzo and the Mercedes SLR doors as they open on these toy cars while the real cars have doors that open upward. Sure, normal doors are easier for production.

The quality is just ok, but if you will it over look, notice the other details such as the headlights, mirrors and rubber tires!.

The models list so far is:

1- Ferrari Enzo

2- Mercedes SLR

3- BMW Z4

4- Porsche 911 (997 05 model)

5- Lotus Elise (05 model)

6- Toyota MRS

The upsetting thing is that I do not know (yet) is the manufacturing company. If you know anything about it, or if there are any more castings available let me know so I can update the list.

Stay tuned, you never know what I will bring to next time.

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Editor's Note: I found this Toyota MR2 casting in a Canadian dollar store last year. No manufacturer was noted and the cars came in a twin-pack with the same car in a different color. The cars had no tampos and have a pull-back motor. The models are not licensed and as a result are unlikely to be found in larger stores.


Ferrari Enzo

Lotus Elise