Volume IX, Number 4

Toy Cars Show Loyalty in Ford Blue

by Doug Breithaupt

The recent addition of a 1971 Ford Pinto by Motor Max, drew my attention to an interesting connection between Ford and a certain shade of blue. The Ford logo has included blue throughout most of the manufacturer's history. Ford is even called the 'blue oval' in recognition of the most common shape of the badge that has long carried the Ford name. A particular shade of blue, the Ford badge is darker than a sky blue but a bit lighter than a royal blue. In the late 1960's, this shade was called 'grabber blue' but some might make the case that Ford had simply appropriated 'Bugatti blue', a color derived from French racing blue.

When I saw the '71 Pinto, it struck me that a number of small-scale Ford cars over the years have come in variations of 'Ford blue'. While the shades of blue vary, there is a strong possibility that toy car makers were attempting to replicate 'Ford blue' when they selected the colors of the cars shown below. In some cases, this color was actually offered on the real production cars. This is certainly the case with the 1970 Ford Mustangs done by Johnny Lightning, Hot Wheels and Jada. Racing cars have also appeared in 'Ford blue' over the years and I found three that seemed to bear that out. Even toy Lincoln and Mercury models have come in 'Ford blue' and I included one Mercury example. Of course other toy cars have been offered in this particular shade of blue but I think more Fords can be found than any other single manufacturer in 'Ford blue".

Whether by accident or design, the 14 cars below do carry their Ford family colors. Since I've also done stories of cars in Jaguar green, Ferrari red and Porsche/BMW and Mercedes-Benz silver, it seemed only fair to offer a bit of Ford blue as well.

Thunderbird by Ertl

Falcon by Tootsietoy

Country Squire by Yat Ming

GT40 by Matchbox

J-Car by Muky

Galaxie 500XL by Yat Ming

Pinto by Motor Max

Torino by Johnny Lightning

Mustang by Johnny Lightning

Mustang by Hot Wheels

Mustang by Jada

Shelby Mustang by Johnny Lightning

Indy 500 Mustang Pace Car by Johnny Lightning

Mercury Cyclone by Johnny Lightning