Volume IX, Number 4

A Toy Mustang II Far
by Doug Breithaupt

The Ford Mustang II models of 1974-78 has received little respect over the years. While it was a sales success for Ford, it was panned by enthusiasts who lamented the loss of muscle that was available in the earlier Mustangs. As a result, the Mustang II models have never become valued collector cars like the original 1964-73 examples. The irony is that the Mustang II was in fact the right car for fuel-starved 1970's and Ford was pleased with sales. To counter the 'loss of muscle' cry from some, Ford offered V8 powered Cobra and King Cobra models that were quite spirited. The Mustang II was raced with success in IMSA and funny car versions were produced. Even so, the Mustang II is still the least-loved pony in the herd which keeps values low for those who do appreciate these models.

None of this was lost on toy car makers and as a result only a few small-scale Mustang II models were offered in the 1970's. Fortunately for toy car collectors, more recent examples of these un-loved Mustangs are now available to add to collections. My collection now boasts twelve different examples of the Mustang II although this includes color variations of the same casting.

Here is a salute to the Mustangs of 1974-78.

King Cobra - Zylmex

King Cobra - Zylmex

King Cobra - Universal

Grande - Tomica

Grande - Welly

Grande Police - Welly

Cobra - Johnny Lightning

Cobra - Johnny Lightning

Cobra - Johnny Lightning

'Show Hoss' - Hot Wheels

Fastback - Motor Max

IMSA Cobra - Soma