Volume IX, Number 5

Corvette Racing Yellow
by Doug Breithaupt

When did the first Corvette appear on track in yellow racing colors? Perhaps someone knows. Regardless, yellow is clearly the racing color of choice for Chevrolet's sports car today. With all the recent success at Daytona, Le Mans and in GT racing, Corvette racing yellow has created a tradition.

Hot Wheels recently introduced a C6R in yellow to their regular line. This is clearly a toy and the low-profile tires make no sense for a racing car but most kids won't care. Jada has also done a C2 vintage racer in yellow that can currently be found in stores. This version is based on Jada's 1963 Corvette street racer and once again, the tires would make little sense on the track. Clearly Jada wanted to make the connection with the colors of the successful C5/6R models. The next step was to try and connect the two with more yellow Corvette racers. I had hoped to find a C1 in yellow racing colors. While there are several C1 models that have appeared in yellow, none carried racing numbers so I could not include them here.

The Corvette C3 saw plenty of GT racing over the years. Playart produced a 1968 Corvette Stingray with racing graphics over yellow paint. While the chrome bumpers identify this model as a production model, many such cars did see track time.

Corvette C2 - Jada

The Corvette C4 is represented by Yat Ming. The graphics on this car are fun and I wonder if they are a play on 'Bud - King of Beers'. Regardless, the yellow and blue colors make for a nice design.

GMP is best known for their larger scale models. Only one 1:64 scale models has been produced by this firm but it is perhaps the best casting ever done in small-scale. The GMP Corvette C5R is fully detailed with opening doors and a front engine cover that can be removed to view the competition V8. The graphics are authentic to the two cars that won their class at Le Mans, right down to the driver names. The wheels and tires are perfect. I don't know if it was intended but the front wheels even have more brake dust, just like a real race car.

Corvette C3 - Playart

Corvette C4 - Yat Ming

Corvette C5R - GMP

Corvette C6R - Hot Wheels