Muscle Car King of the hill
Johnny Lightning vs. Matchbox vs. Racing Champion vs. Hot Wheels

by Doug Breithaupt

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all. For years, diehard Hot Wheels and Matchbox collectors have disagreed about which manufacturer makes the best diecast cars. While there will never be a resolution to this question, it is fun to compare the two styles. To add a third and fourth perspective, Johnny Lightning and Racing Champion diecast have been added to the mix.

In this case, the cars up for your consideration are all classic American muscle car variations. Where possible, colors have been matched to make comparison easier. Each of the 'Big Three' U.S. automobile manufacturers is represented with Mopar, Camaro and Mustang models.

Rather than let me tell you which one I like best, it will be more fun to have you vote and I will tally the responses. Vote for one of each of the three sets of cars.

# 1 Number of Votes: # 2 Number of Votes: # 3 Number of Votes: # 4 Number of Votes:
Matchbox Dodge Challenger #1 - Hot Wheels Plymouth Roadrunner #2
Johnny Lightning Plymouth Roadrunner #3 - Racing Champions Plymouth Roadrunner #4

# 5 Number of Votes: # 6 Number of Votes: # 7 Number of Votes: # 8 Number of Votes:
Racing Champions Camaro #5 - Hot Wheels Camaro #6
Matchbox Camaro #7 - Johnny Lightning Camaro #8

# 9 Number of Votes: # 10 Number of Votes: # 11 Number of Votes: # 12 Number of Votes:
.. .
Matchbox Mustang #9 - Racing Champions Mustang #10
Hot Wheels Mustang #11 - Johnny Lightning Mustang #12

Please add any comments as to why you made the choices you did.

If you have voted for one Mopar, one Camaro and one Mustang, just click on submit and record your vote. You can check back later to see how many votes each car has.