The Hot Wheels Race Team - Variations on a theme
By Doug Breithaupt

After publishing the initial Hot Wheels Race Team article, several collectors began asking why I left out some of the variations on this theme? Just for them, here are the variations in my collection. I am sure that some are still missing.

The three '92 Camaro models pictured here represent color variations on the same car. The first is the Jack Baldwin GT Camaro in correct racing colors. This was offered as a regular issue Hot Wheel. The second is the same car with a chromed blue finish. It was also regular issue but does not have Jack Baldwin's name on the roof. The third is the McDonalds version with basic wheels and graphics. The fourth Camaro is also a Jack Baldwin GT Camaro that came in special packaging. it represents the earlier generation Camaro.


As shown at the top of this page, Hot Wheels has also done an example of the Kyle Petty Hot Wheels stock car as part of their Pro Racing series. The 1983 Ford Thunderbird stock car has seen two Race Team color variations. The white car is an early version with Hot Wheels racing graphics. The blue example promotes both Hot Wheels and Mattel.

The original Hot Wheels Racing Team blue was a brighter color and came in five-packs. The Chevy Lumina stock car is shown with the dragster parked on the Hot Wheels Racing flat bed truck. The Hot Wheels Vintage Race Team has been offered for some time but is currently available from Sears for $29.95. Even at that price, I'll pass, but the picture is free thanks to the Sears Wish Book.