Miniatures on the Mulsanne, continued
By Doug Breithaupt

The 1980's brought Porsche seven of the ten overall wins of the decade. Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar returned to Le Mans after long absences, both claiming victories. Ferrari's 512BB was one of the most beautiful to run wearing the prancing horse. BMW found success with Sauber in 1983 and even Pontiac's Fiero was able to achieve a top-ten finish.

1979 Porsche 935, Matchbox, 1982 - Ferrari 512BB, Tomica, 1982 - Porsche 956, Tomica, 1983 - Sauber BMW C7, Tomica
1985 - Porsche 956, Maisto, 1987 - Spice Pontiac Fiero, Matchbox, 1989 - Sauber Mercedes-Benz C9, Matchbox, 1990 - Nissan R90 CP, Zylmex