Twinkle, Twinkle Little Car - Anson's Renault Twingo

by Doug Breithaupt

Someone once said that 'cute' and 'fun' are two of the most popular words in American English. Built by Renault and modeled by Anson in 1:18 scale, the Twingo is a perfect defination of cute and fun. It is also another fine example of why Anson is quickly becoming one of the premier manufacturers in popular 1:18 scale.Anson's Twingo has all the detail that 1:18 scale collectors seek. It is well modeled and includes all the features that make the real car so appealing. The two-colored, round headlights, round door-handles, engine-detail, opening doors, working steering and an open, fabric top.

The Twingo is a spiritual successor to the Citroen 2CV, Austin Mini and Fiat Topolino. It does something that many minicars fail to do, provide all the benefits of a small car and do it with charm and a bit of style. Anson has captured the Twingo's charm and provided collectors with a fine addition for the 1:18 scale minicar collection. This is not a model likely to appear on the shelves at Toys-R-Us. For suggestions to find this model, visit Anson's Web site. The best part about the Anson models is that they offer excellent quality at a price of about $20 retail. At this price, Anson's Twingo really does twinkle brightly.

Like the Plymouth Neon, the Renault Twingo seems to say, "hi."

The two-colored headlights are a very nice touch and contribute to the authentic look.