More Matchbox Matched Sets
By Doug Breithaupt

It has always been fun to compare the span of automotive design for the same automotive marques. Toy cars allow the collector to assemble some wonderful side-by-side comparisons. These comparisons are even better when they are in the same color. The following are some more of my favorite Matchbox models, matched up with cars of the same color.

The cars selected here are just some of the many examples of those that could be assembled. The Jaguar models in burgandy include the 1997 XK8 Convertible and the 1990 XJ220. The two Mustang cars are the 1966 Shelby GT-350 and the 1994 Convertible. The Lamborghini models are the 1968 Miura and the 1992 Diablo. The Mercedes Benz models represent the 1965 190 SL, 1972 350 SL and the 1996 500 SL. Do you know of more Matchbox 'matched sets' to continue this theme? Send me an e-mail at if you have any suggestions.