You won't find these at Toys-R-Us
by Doug Breithaupt

One of the delights of diecast collecting is finding truly wonderful examples of cars we all enjoy. The two cars represented here are at the same time common and quite unique. They are common in that they represent two production cars, albeit in rally trim, the Suburu Impreza and the Ford Escort RS Cosworth. They are delightfully unique in that they represent the MOL Rally Team from Hungary.

MOL is the sponsor of one of one of Hungary's most successful rally teams. Ranga Laszlo and Buki Erno are the driver and navigator for this team. Their photos are included on the back of each box.

What makes this pair of cars especially fun is that it includes a car no one has ever done in 1:64 scale. This Suburu Impreza becomes the first small-scale Suburu in my collection of over 3,000 toy cars. Why have manufacturers of diecast cars neglected Suburu? Where are the Brat, the SVX or the new Outback. I don't know but at least we have an Impreza. This example is made by Metchy Toys of Hungary. It is 1:57 scale and includes a full interior. It is very well done with realistic wheels and most of the decals from the real car. Unlike the Suburu, the Ford Escort RS Cosworth is the Matchbox casting of 1993, obviously secured from Matchbox for this special paint and packaging. The Metchy Suburu is equal to the Matchbox in terms of quality and the two cars are the same 1:57 scale, making a perfect pair.

The best news is that these cars are available through a 'Tales of Toy Cars' reader from Finland, Gabor Berki Gabor is offering them on a first-come basis to fellow collectors, either in trade or to purchase. Please see his ad in the classified of this issue.