Big Black Cadillac - Anson's new 1:18 scale is a hit
story by Doug Breithaupt

There is something about a black Cadillac that says, "going in style". Since 1902, owning and driving a Cadillac has meant something special. With four Cadillacs in their 1:18 scale line-up, Anson is quickly becoming the 'diecast of Cadillac', with every intention of also being the 'Cadillac of 1:18 scale diecast." Their latest efforts include two Cadillac Eldorado models, a 1953 (to be reviewed later) and the 1973 shown here.

While I must admit from the start that the '73 is not one of my favorite Eldorado models in full-size, (I own a 1968), Anson has good reasons for doing this car. Like the 1959 Eldorado, the 1973 represents a cultural icon of it's age. It was the Indy Pace Car in 1973 and a black Eldorado, much like this one was given by Richard Nixon to Soviet Chairman Brezhnev as an gesture of detente in 1972.

Anson has captured the neo-baroque opulence of the '73 Eldorado perfectly. From the white-wall tires to the wreath and crest hood ornament, this is a classic American land yacht. The 8.2 litre, 500 cubic inch engine is nicely detailed. The interior looks good enough to crawl right in. Of course the wheels turn with a touch of the steering wheel and the you get the full detail provided in 1:18 scale.

Since it is an Anson product, the price is lower than much of the competition at just $15 from Toys-R-Us. In terms of value compared to quality, Anson is un-beatable. A few minor changes would make this model even better. The vinyl top is a bit too shiny. It should be in a mat black. The same goes for under the hood where the glossy black fenders look out of place. On the other hand, the painted details are very nice and all the Cadillac crests look excellent. Especially impressive is are the reproduced manufacturers stickers under the hood.on the battery and radiator.

If you collect Cadillacs, 1:18 scale or just neat cars, you have to get one of these great models. Now, if I can just convince Anson to do my gold '68 Eldorado next, I'll really be happy.