Expanding the Collection

The following toy cars were purchased or received in trade by Doug Breithaupt in the previous month. Some are new but others are older diecast acquired from other collectors. The prices paid are also shown. This addition to 'Tales of Toy Cars'. is intended to share recent finds with fellow collectors. If you have found some interesting diecast cars recently, let me know and send an image if possible, attached to an e-mail.


'50 Ford 'Shoe Box' hot rod # - $.99

Roll Cage #091 $.99

'41 Willys drag racer #074 - $.99

Dodge Power Wagon #085 - $.99

Austin Healey 3000 Mk III #092 - $.99

1967 Dodge Charger #088 - $.99


2000 Buick La Crosse show car $.99

2000 Jeep Jeepster show car $.99

2000 Pontiac Piranha show car $.99


Audi TT Roadster #4 $.99


2000 Cadillac LMP Le Mans Racing Prototype
Hot Wheels #013, $99

Recent Additions

Hot Wheels made the largest contribution to the collection this month and provided a wide variety of models. The 'Car of the Month' is the 2000 Cadillac LMP Racing Prototype that first ran at Le Mans in 2000. While the Cadillacs did not finish in impressive positions, the return to Le Mans after 50 years was a step in the right direction. Hot Wheels have done a nice job reproducing the LMP in correct color and sponsor markings. The 'Shoe Box' hot rod presents a '50 Ford that's ready for cruisin'. The 'Roll Cage' is strangely appealing as the ultimate in minimalist motoring. It's just a frame, engine and tub, without any body work. A nice all-diecast piece, the 'Roll Cage' looks ready for the Baja 1000. Willys is finally getting attention from the big toycar producers. Hot Wheels '41 drag racer joins Willys from Matchbox and Johnny Lightning. The Dodge Power Wagon show truck is the latest in a long line of MOPAR dream vehicles. The Austin Healey 3000 Mk III from Hot Wheels is not the stock version desired by collectors. Rather, it features a raked windscreen and motor sticking through the bonnet. Did anyone really ever do this to a Healey? Lastly, the '67 Charger helps fill a gap, as it is the first 1:64 version of the original Charger body style.

Maisto offers three of the GM show cars of 2000. The Buick La Crosse, Jeepster and Pontiac Piranha are welcome additions but the color and graphics are not. Give me the real colors of the actual cars, please!

The Audi TT Roadster joins the TT Coupe in the Matchbox line-up. This is the second set of body variations for a single model, joining the BMW 3-Series (coupe and sedan) for current Matchbox offerings. With all the great cars to be done, do we really need this level of overkill for the TT and 3-Series? That being said, the Roadster is nicely done for a $1 car.

Johnny Lightning provides eight new models although several have been around a while like the two Ford Trucks. I did not buy the Model A of F1 Ford pick-ups when they first came out but as half-priced items at Kay Bee Toys, I could not resist. The same goes for the GTO Judge drag racer. The '57 Chevy is from the new Bond cars and the two '55 Chevys (convertible and Nomad) are from the Tri-Chevy line-up. The '67 Mercury Cougar looks right in blue and white and the 'top-up' Jaguar XK8 Roadster in blue is a bit of a curiosity.

Not shown here are eight Playart models that are included in the Playart article included in this issue. The emergency vehicles for police, fire and ambulance were found with the play-wear you see, at a local junk store. The Schwimwagen was received in a trade.

Lastly, I made a trade with a Japanese collector of my duplicate Playart Alpine-Renault A110 for the Mitsubishi Galant 2000GSR you see here. I am always happiest when I can trade my duplicates for a model missing from my collection. This way we avoid having to place a monetary value on these items and in the case of international exchanges, no currency conversion is required. If you have a list of duplicate models to send me I'll be happy to do the same for you. Please e-mail me your list.


1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible #241 - $2.98

1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible #239- $2.98

1955 Chevrolet Nomad #242 - $2.98

1928 Ford Model A #411 - $1.98

1950 Ford F1 #P413 - $1..98

1969 Pontiac GTO Judge #205 - $1.98

1967 Mercury Cougar #095 $2.99

Jaguar XK8 Cabriolet #237 $2.99


1976 Mitsubishi Galant 2000GSR #18 - trade

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