Building a Complete List
Numbers 7100-7860, 1:64 Scale Models
by Doug Breithaupt

Playart remains one of the more difficult diecast toy car manufacturers to chronicle. Few diecast directories offer lists of Playart models. At the same time, collectors are beginning to place a higher value on these diecast vehicles of the 1970's and '80's.

Playart first surfaced in the late 1960's and in 1969, contracted with Woolworth's to replace Husky as the in-store diecast brand. Playart also offered their toy cars through other department store chains like Sears, again in store packaging. In addition, Playart models were offered in packaging from the manufacturer. Through the 1970's, Playart changed their wheels to comply with child safety laws (the early chrome hub-caps are easily removed). They added new models and offered both 1:64 and 1:43 scale, as well as airplanes and military vehicles. Playart models are clearly 'toy cars' and most found today have seen considerable play time. What makes Playart models particularly appealing is the amazing variety and many models of cars rarely seen in small-scale. Try to find another Jensen FF or Fiat Dino, Playart offered both and many more great cars. For more on Playart's history, please visit our earlier story.

Playart packaging as shown right, changed over the years and varied based on which stores were selling the product. Playart offered their own packages, both in window box form and as a blister featuring 'Sargent Pepper' style graphics. Woolworth's used the 'Peelers' name for their re-packaged Playarts. Sears offered Playarts in the 1980's as Road Mates. Some of the packages feature model lists on the reverse which have provided a source for the lists that follow.

In 1998, 'Tales of Toy Cars' featured a story on the many toy vehicles produced by Playart of Hong Kong. Since that time, we have been working to assemble a better list of models. In addition, my personal collection of Playart models has now grown to 56 different castings. The list below and on the second part of this story, is the culmination of our efforts to provide collectors with a list of Playart's 1:64 scale models. If you have any additional information on Playart models, we would love to hear from you (e-mail).

Mustang in Playart window box

Honda S800 in Playart blister

Eldorado in Woolworth's blister

Firebird in Sears' blister

Numbers Unknown
; Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen, Opel Commodore, BMW 633CSi, Triumph TR8, Ford Van Police

7100 Batmobile
7101 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S

7102 Porsche Carrera 910
7103 Ford Thunderbird
7104 Opel GT
7105 deTomaso Mangusta 5000 Ghia
7106 Mako Shark

7107 AMC Javelin SST

7108 Lamborghini Miura
7109 Chevrolet Camaro SS
7110 AMX "390"

7111 Jensen FF
7112 Alfa Romeo P33

7113 Carrabo Bertone

7114 Mercedes-Benz C-111

7115 Cadillac Eldorado

7116 Ford Mustang Convertible

7117 Toyota 2000GT Convertible

7118 Mercury Commuter Fire Chief
7119 U.N.C.L.E. Car

7120 Ford Mustang GT
7121 Chevrolet Astro-1

7122 Toyota 2000GT Coupe

7123 Jaguar E-Type 2+2

7124 Volkswagen Beetle

7125 Lamborghini Marzal
7126 Generic Cement Mixer
7127 Generic Pick-up Truck
7128 Generic Dump Truck
7129 Generic Wrecker Truck
7130 Merryweather Fire Tender X
7130 Fire Truck
7131 Generic Gasoline Tanker Truck
7132 Mercury Commuter Police Car

7133 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

7134 Fiat Dino Berlinetta

7135 BMW 2002

7136 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

7137 Datsun 240Z

7138 VW-Porsche 914
7139 Honda N360

7140 Honda S800

7141 Toyota Corona Mark II 1900 Hard Top SL
7142 Toyota Celica 1600GT
7143 Toyota Crown Hard Top SL
7144 Porsche Targa 911S

7145 Isuzu 117 Coupe
7146 Toyota Corolla Sprinter SL
7147 Nissan Sunny 1200 Coupe GX
7148 Yamada Super Discmatic Rotary Coupe
7149 Toyota Corolla 1400SR

7150 Ford Capri 1600GT
7151 Rover 2000TC

7152 Honda Z GS
7153 Fiat 850 Sport

7154 Mercedes-Benz 350SL
7155 Ford Cortina GXL [Mark 3]
7156 Mitsubishi Hip Up Coupe Galant GTO MR
7157 Austin Mini Cooper S Mk. II
7158 Fiat 124 Sport 1600
7159 DAF
7160 Freight Truck

7161 Bulldozer
7162 Double Decker Bus
7163 Refuse Truck
7164 Container Wagon
7165 Diesel Road Roller
7166 Combine Harvester

7167 Mercedes-Benz Ambulance Van
7168 Merryweather Marquis Fire Tender
7169 Massey Ferguson Tractor w. Angledozer
7170 Zetor Tractor
7171 Tractor w. shovel [Bulldozer?]
7172 Mercury Commuter Estate Wagon
7173 Mercedes-Benz Police Van

7174 BMW Spicup Show Car

The list continues, 7175-7860 - click here

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