812 Sportsman

Few automobiles stir the soul and delight the eye like the 1937 Cord 812 Cabriolet. A classic from the moment it touched pavement, The Cord is one of the greatest automotive designs of the age.

Supercharged Lycoming V8 
The side pipes separate the supercharged 812 model from the un-blown 810. The 190 hp Cord did 110 mph.

Racing Champions Recreates the Classic Cord in 1:60 Scale
The Cord 812 Sportsman is #237 from Racing Champions. This beautiful miniature offers a removable top, opening hood and authentic styled wheels AND TIRES ARE ESPECIALLY NICE. The real car was a bargain in 1937 at $3,575 and Racing Champions offers their small-scale version for the equal bargain of $2.99. It is also available in yellow with a black top and interior.

Every other small-scale diecast producer can look to this model as a standard for the industry. Produced in 1999, it is clearly one of the best of it's class. As the images show, the detail is worthy of 1:43 scale models. The top fits securely and look correct. The engine is chromed and combined with a brass-colored radiator. Even the dash-board is accurate.

Front-Wheel Drive
The Cord was one of the early front-Wheel drive cars. The concealed headlights were another automotive first and added to the wonderful aero-styled car. Designed by Gordon Buehrig, the coffin-nose look has influenced car design for over 60 years.

Racing Champions has captured the essence of the Cord's lines.

Faults are Few
It is hard to find fault with the Racing Champions Cord. The red car shown comes from the 'Classified Classics' series and is mis-labeled as a Cord Phaeton Sedan when it is clearly the 812 Sportsman Cabriolet. The base is chromed plastic with some underside detail. A metal base would be better and provide a more substantial feel.

Two other small-scale Cords have come from Hot Wheels.