'E' type V12 S3

Jaguar's magnificent 'E' type consistently ranks in the top three all-time automotive designs. While the earlier 6 cylinder models may be more pleasing to the eye, the series 3 model of 1971 offered exotic V12 power.


SOHC 5.3 litre V12 
The 'E' type was the first car to feature Jaguar's new V12.. The 272 hp V12 offered 150 mph and 0-60 in 7 seconds.

Majorette Recreates the V12 'E' type Coupe in 1:60 Scale
The Jaguar 'E' type Coupe is #207 from Majorette. It represents the only small-scale example of the V12 powered version of this car.. The real car sold for $11,000 in 1971 and Majorette offered their small-scale version for $1.00 in the 1970's. Majorette's toy car is worth $10-15 today while the real car brings $35K. The opening bonnet is a delightful feature and not common in Majorette models of this vintage. It works just like the real car and the V12 is quite accurate in detail.

The four exhaust pipes are nicely done and 'Jaguar 'E' type V12 can actually be seen molded into the boot cover. This left-hand drive model represents the Jaguars sold in North America and Europe. Most other 1:64 scale diecast manufacturers had already done an earlier 'E' type, Corgi had even done two. Majorette was alone in choosing to do the 1971-75 V12 model and for Jaguar and diecast collectors, this is a rare and desirable item.

2+2 Coupe
The Series 3 'E' type came in roadster or 2+2 coupe form. With usable back seats, the 2+2 offered a sports car that could accommodate the young family. While Jaguar collectors prefer the earlier 2-seater coupe, the 2+2 was more practical. Fuel economy was less practical at 10-12 MPG for the V12.

Majorette captured the essence of the Jaguar's timeless lines. This is easily on of the best Majorette models of the 1970's.

Faults are Few
Majorette's 'E' type can be faulted for few details. The tinted windows are unfortunate, giving the white interior a yellow glow. The wheels are far from accurate but represent common speed-wheels of the day. The base offers no underside detail but is diecast.

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