Miniatures on the Mulsanne, continued
By Doug Breithaupt

The 1970's brought Porsche in as a major force at Le Mans. Ferrari and Ford still proved hard to beat. Renault Alpine claimed an overall victory after many years of class victories. The surprising Ford Capri 2600 had a top-ten finish in '72. In 1974, the Ligier-Maserati JS2 used the Citroen SM V6 to finish 8th.

1971 - Porsche 917K, Norev, 1971 - Ferrari 512, Corgi, 1972 - Ford Capri 2600RS, Corgi, 1973 - Ferrari 312P, Hot Wheels
1974 - Ford Group 7, Matchbox, 1974 - Ligier-Maserati JS2, Norev, 1978 - Renault Alpine 4422B, Tomica, 1979 - BMW M1, Matchbox

BMW's M1 finished in 6th place in 1979. The 1970's closed with a Porsche 935 victory and led to the 1980's where Porsche dominated the competition. For the next six cars, click here.