Volume VIII, Number 3

Latest Z Car a Hit with Toy Car Makers
By Doug Breithaupt

Ever since it was introduced over 35 years ago, the Z Car has been a popular model. On the street, the race track and rally course, Nissan's Z Car has provided sports car thrills at an affordable price. Toy car makers have shown their affection for the Z Car with many examples of the 240, 260, 280, 300 and 300ZX models (240/260 Z Car story), (280 Z Car story), (300 Z Car story). The latest 350Z appears to be just as popular. My collection currently has eleven examples. I am missing the Real Toy version and I expect there are others out as well.

The 350Z has been produced in stock, tuner, racing and drift racer form. Tomica has a police version as they have done with all the Z Car generations over the years. I have included two Johnny Lightning variations. The stock version in blue is an excellent model. In addition, JL has done a weekend racer version with different wheels and racing numbers. Will the 350Z equal or exceed the number of examples of the 280 or 300? I would not bet against it.

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