1998 - A Monthly Toy Car Webzine About Miniature Motorcars - Volume 1, Number 1-6
Editor: Doug Breithaupt, Contributing Writers: Brian Willoughby and David Cook

Welcome to Tales of Toy Cars, a monthly publication. This publication is edited by Doug Breithaupt, who's toy car collection (visit the Toy Room) is featured on the minicars.htm portion of this site (additions to the collection since 2000 are featured in 'Expanding the Collection' in each issue. The purpose of this effort is to create a forum to share a common interest in toy cars, with special attention to 1:64 scale). Back issues are also availble for review from the bottom of this page. We have a link to our new Forum partner. If you are wondering what's missing from the collection, visit the 'Seeking' list. A list of toy cars for sale or trade is on the Sale/Trade page. You can visit our newest Sponsor. Comments and contributions from readers are welcome via e-mail.

In the December 1998 Issue
Feature Story
Miniatures on the Mulsanne - Part 1 the 1950's

Miniatures on the Mulsanne - Part 2 the 1960's
Miniatures on the Mulsanne - Part 3 the 1970's
Miniatures on the Mulsanne - Part 4 the 1980's
Miniatures on the Mulsanne - Part 5 the 1990's
Toy Car Trends
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Car - Anson's 1:18 scale Renault Twingo

Playing With Our Toys
Sure, Ya, You Betcha, Small-Scale Scandinavians, by Brian Willoughby

Toy Box Treasures
Lotus Open-Wheel Racing cars in Miniature, by David Cook

New Features - Off-The-Shelf, Letterbox

In the November 1998 Issue
Feature Story
The Hot Wheels Race Team

The Hot Wheels Race Team, cont.
Variations on the Hot Wheels Race team
Toy Car Trends
Three GT Racers for '98
Playing With Our Toys
Bleu, Blanc, Rouge - Vive La France

Flat Black - Hot Hoods
Toy Box Treasures
More on Playart

Ertl's Small-Scale Diecast

 In the October 1998 Issue
Feature Story
Ford Goes Racing

1967 was a very good year
Shelby's Fraternal Twins
Toy Car Trends
King of the Hill - Muscle Car Shoot-out
Playing With Our Toys
Matchbox All-Americans

French Blue
Toy Box Treasures
Playart - Fine Miniatures from the Far East

Playart II, Playart III

In the September 1998 Issue:
Feature Story
Racing Colors - National colors for miniature racers,
Porsche's Silver Bullets
Toy Car Trends
Anson - 1:18 scale diecast just gets better,
Hot Wheels gets back to basics,
Playing With Our Toys
Concours d'Elegance Hot Wheel Style
Toy Box Treasurers
Polistil's wonderful 'Penny' cars,
Visit the Toy Room

In the August 1998 Issue:
Feature Story
Toy Ferrari Grand Prix, and
Current Values of Ferrari GP Toy Cars
Toy Car Trends
Matchbox World Class and Premier Edition,
Minicars by the Dozen - Microcars in Miniature,
Playing With Our Toys
Matchbox 'Matched Sets', and
More Matchbox 'Matched Sets',
Matchbox Muscle Cars
Toy Box Treasurers
Porsche - Four Decades of Red Roadsters

Impy Lone Star

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